Bloom Bandit

The Bloom Bandit is
Lightweight, battery operated
Hand-held for targeted operation
Rugged built for multi year use

The Bloom Bandit works in
Apples and Pears
Peaches, Nectarines, Apricots and Plums
Sweet Cherries

The Bloom Bandit can be used in all tree architectures and orchard systems from the ground or from an orchard platform with a reach up to 10 feet

Not weather dependent like chemical thinners
Perfect for organic production

Take whatever percentage of bloom you want and from wherever you want on the tree

Save Money – Reduce Labor

In Pome and Stone Fruit – reduce hand blossom thinning and/ or green fruit thinning costs with a 60-65% labor savings

In Sweet Cherries – thin at bloom to get the size and quality the market demands

Shift your size distribution curve with blossom thinning