Automated Ag Systems

Automated Ag Systems is an agricultural equipment manufacturing company in Moses lake, Washington.

Focused on the design and construction of innovative harvesting and harvest transport systems. The Bin Bandits designs are unique and highly efficient. They are tailored for improving productivity, reducing fuel consumption, operating in all terrains and planting configurations. We pride ourselves on keeping up with todays agricultural industry and the needs of our customers by supplying quality machines and services.

Bin Bandits

  • Bin Carriers

  • Harvesters

  • Platforms

  • High Density
  • Low Profile
  • Citrus Special
  • Watermelon Harvester
  • Bandit Xpress
  • Produce Rover
  • Bandit Xpress / Platform
  • High Density / Platforms

Check us out at World Ag Expo booth E22

We are a Top 10 New Products winner at the World Ag Expo.


We can help you choose and purchase a new product or provide
services and parts for your existing products.

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One of the newer harvesting machinery options coming out of the Pacific Northwest is a platform-based machine that picks the bins off the ground and elevates them to the pickers, allowing them to pick from the top of the tree. “The idea is the pickers on the ground can fill the bins half way, have the machines pick up the bins, and hoist them to the top where they are filled by the pickers on platforms,” says J.J. Dagorret with Automated Ag Systems in Moses Lake, WA. The machine is powered with a Honda engine, and a trailer feature allows […]